Concept boards: Dickens Punk vs. Eton Posh

A few weeks ago at work, I pulled together two furnishing concepts for the presidential suite of an overseas hotel we're designing. While the hotel is based in Asia, there's an Anglophile feel to the property. I created two characters to help me make my design decisions: a "good boy" and "bad boy"-- like Prince William and Prince Harry, if you will, or two classmates at a tony boarding school who went separate directions.  Both schemes have an underlying upperclass British DNA, but the protagonist of the Good Boy is more reserved; he's a financier who plays cricket at the country estate on weekends and holidays on a yacht in the South of France. He's posh, he's Eton, he's a modern day Mr. Darcy. The Bad Boy is a real estate developer with a portfolio full of nightclubs; when he goes on holiday, his yacht docks in Ibiza and is filled with Spanish models. He's the lovechild of Miss Havisham and the Sex Pistols.


Bad Boy: 1. Kinetic Gold Sculptural bracelet | Alexis Bittar (here)-- the starting point for this concept. 2. Seed cloud chandelier | Ochre (here). 3. Fuji side table | Eric Schmitt (here). 4. Wingback chair | Tom Dixon (here). 5. Sofa | Créations Métaphores. 6. Beam rug | The Rug Company (here).

Good Boy: 1. Decanter pendant by Lee Broom (here). 2. Chess stool by Anna Karlin (here). 3. Borealis paddle by Sanborn Canoe (here). 4. Parquetry table by Lee Broom (here). 5. Scratchout plaid rug | Carini Lang (here). 6. Savon Sofa | Joseph Jeup (here).

Ultimately, we nixed both concepts and went in a more neutral and tailored direction, but I thought you would enjoy a little glimpse into my process and the things I do to pay the proverbial bills. What do you guys think? Do you prefer one over the other? Leave your vote in the comments!