New loom!

From the moment I finished my first weaving, I started dreaming of a bigger loom (confession: I have a tendency to get a little ahead of myself). I love the portability of my first loom, but the finished product is so petite. I knew these big ol' dreams of mine would need something a bit larger. And seeing how my unofficial motto is "I bet I can make that…", you can imagine what came next:

Ha! Okay, so that's not exactly what came next. This is a little more accurate:

As you can see, I had some help. Miles is measured and rational, while I am Whim Incarnate, so it was good to have someone there to make sure I didn't get excited and start cutting without measuring, etc, etc. It was also very helpful to have another set of hands. Miles cut one half with the jigsaw, and I cut the other with the Dremel. You'll never guess whose half turned out better (if you said me, I'm beyond flattered, but you'd be mistaken). 

So all in all, while it was no small amount of effort, I found it incredibly satisfying to make my own loom and would definitely do so again. This guy is so big, the only place I can work is at the dining table, but because it can pop apart, I'm thinking of making some different sized pieces-- a mix and match loom, if you will. 

Happy Monday, y'all!