Penguin threads

picture from Penguin Threads; jacket illustration by Rachell Sumpter

I was browsing through a local bookstore in Knoxville this weekend when I came across a paperback copy of Little Women with what looked like, from a distance, a cross-stitched cover. My interest piqued, I grabbed it, prepared to ooh and aah over the craftsmanship and detail-- Little Women! Craft and classical literature? Too good to be true! And yes, in fact, it was too good to be true. While still absolutely beautiful, the cover is embossed, not actually stitched. According to the Penguin Threads website the covers are in fact stitched by artists to start, then an embossed version is made from that for mass production. 

Penguin has done a great job of capitalizing on book lovers' willingness to buy physical copies in the age of iPads-- their clothbound Hardcover Classics are beautiful, gracing every design blogger's mantelpiece, to the point where it's almost-- almost-- becoming a joke (that doesn't change the fact that I would still like the whole set, pleasethankyou). The Threads line is in keeping with that understanding that book lovers don't just love the stories-- they love the tangible book itself (looking at you, Daddy-- woe to the daughter that set a drink down upon a book in our household). But that got me thinking-- how great would it be to actually have a hand stitched cover for your favorite classic book? I would buy an embroidered cover of Pride and Prejudice or Jane Eyre in a heartbeat. 

I sense a craft project coming on... What book would you like to see stitched??

image from Penguin Threads; jacket illustration by Rachell Sumpter