Happy Independence Day!


Happy Independence Day, punchbowlers! I wish I could regale you with stories and photos of a gorgeous, boozy Fourth of July party I was throwing attending, but alas, I’m off on location, far from the Punchbowl. My meager living arrangement doesn’t allow for much room for entertaining or experiments, but I hope you are all out living the good life today in this great nation.

So, what pray tell am I doing this summer that’s putting me in a tiny, unfurnished basement apartment, sleeping on a blow up bed for three months? Drumroll, please…. I’m interning for HGTV! Dream job, yes, and worth every minute in this sad little abode. I’m a part of their Home Studio Co-op program, which brings college & graduate school students into their headquarters in Knoxville, TN, to learn about how a major media company makes design television. I’ve only been working for a week, but I feel like I’ve already gotten a summer’s worth of information on everything from programming and research to content for HGTV.com. Because Scripps Networks International, the parent company of HGTV, is a media company, they actually don’t have any designers on staff; as interior design interns, our job also includes design jobs around the office, just as moving exhibitions and designing conference rooms. We’re also tasked with designing our own exhibition for the company on current trends in design (mine will be on…. Waaait for it… wallpaper! Yes, wallpaper. And not your grandma’s wallpaper, either. These days, you can plaster your walls with embroidered wool, beaded leather, abalone shells—wallpaper’s come a long way since tiny florals, folks.). 

I love this job—I can’t believe my amazing luck that I get to do this for a whole summer. I am working with the nicest people on the planet, getting paid to think about things I spend all day pondering anyway. Which makes my living situation slightly more bearable… sort of. Not to bore you with the awful details (those are for The Husband, lucky him) but to give you an idea… I’ve lived here for seven days and have had ten maintenance requests. Yesterday, after a vicious thunderstorm the night before that apparently wreaked havoc on my neighborhood water main, I awoke to no water. I made my way to work after “showering” from a bottle of Dasani. By the time I came home, the water had clearly been restored, as evidenced by the flood in the hallway outside my little apartment (a brilliant neighbor, upon discovering the water was off, turned on all her faucets and then left for work. Surprise!). Luckily my bed also doubles as a flotation device.

So here we are, Independence Day! I’m drying out, and hopefully you’re out being celebratory enough for the both of us. Light a sparkler for me, and careful with those fireworks. Remember: never point a roman candle at someone’s face. Yay America!