Words of Wisdom: Charles and Ray Eames

From "Eames: The Guest-Host Relationship" at the Architecture and Design Museum, Los Angeles

During my winter break sojourn to Los Angeles, Miles and I visited the Museum of Architecture and Design for an exhibit on Charles and Ray Eames. When we think Eames, we think of the house in Pacific Palisades, the iconic chairs, maybe even the WWII wooden splints. I was surprised, then, to find that this show focused not on the couple's designs, but on their words-- particularly their thoughts on the everyday objects in their lives, such as a ball of twine or a can of soup. The exhibit was inspiring, humorous, and particularly timely for a design student. That being said, my screenwriting surfer enjoyed the exhibit as much as I did-- he even bought a book of Eames quotations, which I considered a personal victory on the road to indoctrinating him with design. (Cue evil laugh.)


I'm taking this one to heart.

Posted above a black molded plastic chair. Ahh, humor.

This is an ongoing battle in our household, and one that results in a lot of pictures of me smiling in front of (fill in the blank) next to the back of Miles's head. I want the record!

And finally, my favorite:

Not me!