About designpunch studio


Hello friends, and welcome to designpunch studio. I’m Rachel Kelly, resident design mixologist here at the Punchbowl. I’m an interior designer in Los Angeles, California, where I live with my husband and two cats.

Before foraying into design, I was an actress. After about three years in Los Angeles, I started writing a little blog called Rachel’s Sparrow. It was essentially a way for my mother and her book club to keep up with my crafting and kitchen shenanigans, of which there were many. There came a point, however, when I realized that I began resenting my actor life because it was getting in the way of my design life. I dreaded going to auditions because it would put my making schedule behind. A girl in my acting class suggested I try taking an interior design class at UCLA; she was taking some, and loved it. I took her advice, and bam—a life change was upon me.

What I love about design is surprisingly not that different from what I loved about acting. Like a good movie or show, design is all about telling a story. When I’m designing an interior, I ask myself, “What kind of story do I want this space to tell?” I try to imagine who will be using the space, what they will be doing in there—even imagining what books they have on their bookshelves (you can learn a lot from a person’s book collection, after all.). If I’m printing a collection of towels, I envision its future owner—is she an Earl Grey girl or a cappuccino aficionado? Is he a dog or goldfish guy?

I firmly believe good design makes for good living. It can make the day-to-day more interesting, bring people together, and in general, make us happy. designpunch studio celebrates the good design=good living mantra, and I’m so pleased (pleased as punch, if you will) that you’re along for the ride.